Daily Quest

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To add some fun, within 24 hours each day, you will receive between 0 and 3 Daily.png daily tasks,
which you can access in your character panel.

The tasks are very extensive, as well as the rewards.

Possible tasks:
Daily.png Kill Bosse
Daily.png Kill Mobs
Daily.png Kill Metinstone
Daily.png Collect bells by killing certain mobs
and more

Possible rewards:
KonzentriertesLesen.png Concentrated reading
ExzorzismusSchriftrolle.png Exorcism Scroll
Seelenstein.png Soulstone
Segenskugel.png Blessing Marble
Segensschriftrolle.pngBlessing Scroll
SchmiedeHandbuch.png Blacksmith Handbook
SchriftrolleDrachen.png Scroll of the Dragon
Schrumpfkopf.png Shrunken Head
and more