Offline Shop

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The offline store is the only way to open a store. To do that, open your inventory and click IconShop.png. This opens a user interface.

Create Shop

At runtime you can choose between 1, 2, 3 hours, 1, 2 or 3 days. You can also create a "normal shop". Here you will transform yourself directly into a shop. You can open and manage multiple shops.


You can change the name of the shop without having to close the shop. If you sell something, you can also get your money while your business is open and there are more items for sale. You can edit and close your shop. When the last item is sold, your yang is kept in the warehouse (visible under the minimap). From there, you can add it directly to your Yang 'get all'.

Close Shop

If you close your shop while there are still items in it, they will be kept in an additional warehouse (visible below the minimap). You can transfer them from here with a click on "Get All" in the inventory.

Offline Shop Search
To find desired items in stores faster, you can search for specific items in the game. To do this, open your inventory and click on Shop Search. You can search for items and set the desired price.

If you find a suitable one, you can click on "Buy" and the shop with the desired item is automatically displayed on the map (M). In addition, the business is specially marked.